Le Défi de Joie(Joy Dare)

Les cadeaux pour novembre

Prompts are at the link above.  Send me your photo of the gift for which you are thanking God and caption it in French on the white board.  2 pts toward an extra HW grade.

1. Je suis reconnaissant de ma Bible.  I’m thankful for my Bible

2. Je te suis reconnaissant d’être venu me chercher.  I’m grateful to you for having come and picked me up.

3. Je suis reconnaissant à Mme Cochrane de m’avoir donné de bons conseils. I’m grateful to Mrs Cochrane that she gave me some good advice.

4. je suis reconnaissant qu’il aie exaucé ma prière.  I am thankful that he answered my prayer  (subjunctive form of verb)



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