Final French 4 HW for week ending 17 May 2013

Your poem is to be recited NO LATER THAN Tuesday.  I’m looking for confident flow (5 pts) and correct words (10 pts)

Listening Quiz on Monday – prepare both selections that were the last 2 in April.

On Wednesday, you will be writing 300 words max about your poem – the What, the So What and the Now What.  Bring your computers.

For Thursday, be prepared to give an account of what happens in the 2nd half of our novel and your critique of the book.

Send your presentation in the form of power point to me by Monday night (if you do it in key note…when you send it, you can choose powerpoint)  – you will present without notes on Wednesday.  No sentences on slides, but if you want to title a slide like:  Chez moi or….à l’église…you may.  The pictures are prompts for you to talk about yourself.  The more you amplify and talk about yourself per picture, the better your grade.


Creative Speaking Assessment – pictures that prompt you talking about yourself – no notes

Qui suis-je?

 1.    Je suis quelqu’un qui s’intéresse à…….parce que…..

2.    Je me passionne pour…….parce que…..

3.    Ce dont j’ai besoin c’est……parce que…..

4.    Si je pourrais changer une chose dans le monde, ce serait de…….parce que….

5.    Si je pourrais changer une chose en moi, ce serait mon habitude de/ ma façon de…….parce que….

6.    Ce qui me gène c’est quand….

7.    Je suis accro à /aux…… C’est bon / mauvais parce que…..

8.    Quelque chose surprenante dans ma vie est …..

9.    (ton choix)




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