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Burger King retourne en France

un Court Metrage de l’amour pour BK Regardez le petit film de 9 minutes et envoyez-moi un email qui décrit ce qui se passe……. Advertisements

HW posted for this week (Fr 3 & 4 have 1 of their HWs due Thursday)

Also – here is an EC possibility IN ADDITION to your 2 HWs (not in lieu of) Watch the video about Tony Parker that is on the post to the right of  this post. Stop it as often as you need to. Write me an email or write in ink and put in the box … Continue reading

If you dare try….

Dalaï Lama Test Extra Credit if you follow through and write me an email with your results

Good Power verses in French – a post by Joyce Meyer

French Devotional – see what you can read

Extra Credit HW Opportunity

Read the essay (in English) and write me an email about what you learned and what you liked.  It’s very sweet and will give you some flavor about a French tradition. La Chasse a commencé

EC Opportunities

here are two posts to read/ look at.  Write me an email about each one for an extra 5 pts each…In your email, tell me what you liked, what you learned, what you thought. A bit of history and culture A fun music video

Interesting new word used in French because of Facebook

See if you can read this post New French words

Music EC opportunity that will be a standing option for EC

Here is an interesting website – choose French songs – and then when the you tube plays, lyrics will show up and blanks will occur and you type in what you hear (called a ‘cloze’ activity).  Each documented 10 minutes of time spent  earns 1 extra point of HW points. You have to register for … Continue reading

EC opportunity

Here is an interesting blog in French about a French word that we use – “La Classe, voici les paroles de notre nouvelle chanson” quand je vous distribue une feuille de papier avec les mots d’une chanson. Scan/read  the blog to the best of your ability, and email me (en anglais)  what is surprising – … Continue reading