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Vichyssoise keeps us cool

  Vive la Vichyssoise! French Club joined the Culinary Arts Club on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 to sample and discover the origins of this famous thick cold soup.  Our second annual joint meeting got started with 8th grader Elissa Newton from CA club sharing the surprising US roots of this soup. In the summer of … Continue reading

French Club samples ‘Fromage’ and ‘Baguettes’ – 5 March 2013

Homemade baguettes and a rich assortment of Fromage Français (including some in the ‘fondu’ format – savory, hot, melty cheese – yum!) was enjoyed AFTER math & French teacher Mme Van Zandt shared some historical background on the varieties of cheese.  Even our French exchange student for the year, Loïc, was salivating, anxious to have … Continue reading

French classes raise $105 for missions

Students from classes French 1-4 baked sweet treats and sold them at break and lunch over two days the last week of February (2013), raising $105.  (Some generous members of the Summit family simply donated money to the cause! )  These funds will go toward spreading the Gospel among French-speaking people in North America!  Un … Continue reading

How French can be a career field

Maria Reynolds, a French-speaker from Texas, spoke at French Club on Tuesday, 5 February 2013.  She shared with about 15 students how she left college after 2 1/2 years, joined the Navy and trained as a French linguist in Monterey, California.  Using her French in such exotic places as Spain and Guantanamo Bay, Maria talked … Continue reading

Burger King retourne en France

un Court Metrage de l’amour pour BK Regardez le petit film de 9 minutes et envoyez-moi un email qui décrit ce qui se passe…….

Why Learn French – video

Coeur de Pirate est maintenant Maman

Nous avons connu sa musique

French Club celebrates with cake, royalty and a speaker

Jordan Dempsey and Monica Moon are King and Queen of our Three Kings’ Day Celebration: and Madame Tania Brunk spoke in French to the French 4 girls and in English to French Club – see the French Club tab at the top of the blog for more details.  

Good Power verses in French – a post by Joyce Meyer

French Devotional – see what you can read

Read about La Galette des Rois

We will enjoy sampling this at the next French club – 31 January. (and have a speaker, too) Celebrating 3 Kings Day