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Final French Club for 2012-2013

Summit Grads with me - 21 May 2013

Three Summit grads spoke at our last French Club meeting for the year.  Kate Fitzgerald, who has just completed her first year at Virginia Tech, shared about her three French classes this past year.  She found that her ability to speak easily and comfortably plus her wide vocabulary were real benefits. Reading a fair number of books for these classes forced her to read for speed and comprehension and NOT look up every word.  Kate, who is double majoring in French and International Affairs, talked with Summit French students about the richness  of her 3 different Francophone professors – one from Senegal, one from Paris and one from northern France – each with a different accent.   

Caitlin Montgomery, a University of Virginia student, also placed into higher level French classes and improved her writing ability.  Being able to speak in French helped when she ran into foreign exchange students on campus.  Both she and Kate talked about weekly meals in a French conversational group and how that enriched their experiences.
Kenzie Carlson is studying at Longwood.  Like Caitlin, she is going into Speech Pathology. She has yet to start French.  But she did meet with the head of the French department to talk about her placement exam.  A bit nervous about what what she feels is a ‘ hole’ in her French background, Kenzie was reassured by the professor that she has been well prepared. Mademoiselle Carlson is unusual in her bold decision to go from Spanish 2 into French 3, skipping French 1 & 2  while at Summit. She managed extremely well and finished French 4 with gusto and excellence.  Missing the first 2 years of French will keep her depending on God as she steps into her first upper-level French course as a sophomore at Longwood in the fall.
For the French 1 students who participated in French Club, this their first year studying French, meeting Kate Fitz was a treat.  I explained how she was the enthusiastic energy behind Summit’s French club.  She came up with the idea and served as President for 2 years. She should be pleased at how well we have continued.
As this is my last year teaching at Summit, we turned the discussion over to Mrs. Cindee Van Zandt who taught French 1 this year.  She will be the club’s sponsor as she takes over the entire French program.  Jonathan Kerlin is taking the reins as President for the next year with Grace Livingstone as VP.
Thanks to Audrey Livingstone and Mikelah Carlson this year who have faithfully worked with me to make French Club a consistent presence at Summit.  Je vous embrasse!
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