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French classes raise $105 for missions

Bake Sale - Feb 2013 - for Québec MissionsStudents from classes French 1-4 baked sweet treats and sold them at break and lunch over two days the last week of February (2013), raising $105.  (Some generous members of the Summit family simply donated money to the cause! )  These funds will go toward spreading the Gospel among French-speaking people in North America!  Un grand merci à tous et à toutes!


About Maria

I belong to Christ. With Jesus as my creator, sustainer, redeemer, lord and brother, I find joy and satisfaction in my roles of wife, mom, friend, grandmother, teacher and feeder of 2 felines. I also love to read, hike, speak French, share ideas, cook and write!


2 thoughts on “French classes raise $105 for missions

  1. Merci infiniment pour votre aide, nous allons utiliser cet argent pour notre campagne d’évangélisation et de prévention suicide: “Choisis de Vivre”. Yves Bellemare, Ministères Bon Samaritain, Québec Canada

    Posted by yves bellemare | March 13, 2013, 5:36 pm

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