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Extra Credit Opportunity, Homework

HW posted for this week (Fr 3 & 4 have 1 of their HWs due Thursday)

Also – here is an EC possibility IN ADDITION to your 2 HWs (not in lieu of)

Watch the video about Tony Parker that is on the post to the right of  this post. Stop it as often as you need to. Write me an email or write in ink and put in the box with facts you gathered from listening to what he had to say.   You need 5  sentences with facts, gleaned from watching 2-3 times.  These are facts not picked up from visual cues.  Write in French.  He speaks fast, but the gal speaks even faster.  But if you listen several times, you will be able to understand SOME of what he says.


About Maria

I belong to Christ. With Jesus as my creator, sustainer, redeemer, lord and brother, I find joy and satisfaction in my roles of wife, mom, friend, grandmother, teacher and feeder of 2 felines. I also love to read, hike, speak French, share ideas, cook and write!


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